The European city you haven’t thought of visiting – Belgrade

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Nikola Tesla has always been a backroom genius, a scientist’s scientist, a nerd’s nerd. But things are looking up for the Serbian inventor, who died in 1943. It started in 2006, when then up-and-coming filmmaker Christopher Nolan wrote Tesla into The Prestige, and cast David Bowie to play the perfector of radio waves, alternating current, remote control and radar. In 2012, cartoonist Matthew Inman explained “why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived” in one of his popular The Oatmeal online comics. By July, 2014, when the entrepreneur behind the Tesla electric car, Elon Musk, announced he would donate a million dollars to help save Tesla’s old lab in New Jersey, the little-known inventor was almost a houshold name, despite most people still not being clear on who the guy was.

—the Nikola Tesla Museum already exists, in Belgrade. It contains nearly everything he wrote or owned and, its curator told me,…

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