Found Tesla at Harvard with UNESCO!!

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 UPDATE: 2015-02-22 

There is a summary of the talk described below now available.  Please see this post for more information

We found this rather interesting Discussion Panel about Tesla’s Legacy through UNESCO Networks! Unfortunately, the talk was on February 11th, so we can’t attend, but if anybody has minutes or notes from the talks, please send them to social@  So we can share them!

Nikola Tesla, best known for his inventions of modern electro-energetic system of production, long distance transmission and usage of electrical currents, was also dedicated to peacebuilding and sustainability. United Nations agency for education, science, and culture (UNESCO), had inscribed Nikola Tesla’s archive in the UNESCO Memory of the World register in 2003. UNESCO describes Tesla as « …inventor and scientist, a pioneer in electrification, (who) significantly influenced the technological development of our civilization by his polyphase system inventions. » as well as « one of the first to become aware of the emerging energy problem ». Tesla Memory Project and UNESCO Center for Peace, together with following discussants, are exploring the uncharted legacy of Nikola Tesla, as well as its potential impact on education.
Aleksandar Protic Director, French Tesla Memory Project; Federal Counselor, UNESCO Federation of France;
Honorary President, Sorbonne University UNESCO Club; Scientific Director, Tesla Global Forum
Discussant: Zorica Civric Former Curator, Nikola Tesla Museum; Senior Curator and Chief of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade Museum of Science and Technology
Discussant: Guy Djoken Chairman, U.S. National Federation for UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations; Executive Director, UNESCO Center for Peace
Discussant: Rave Mehta Author of “The Inventor: The Story of Tesla”; Award-winning engineer, Tech entrepreneur; CEO, Helios Entertainment; Former Member of the Board of Directors, Space Florida
Discussant: Srdjan Pavlovic Associate Director, Tesla Memory Project; President, Tesla Cross-Cultural Forum, Frankfurt
Discussant: Mirjana Prljevic Columnist, “Forbes China” magazine; Executive Director, Peace and Crises Management Foundation; President, Energy Innovation Center TESLIANUM
Discussant: Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic ; Member of the National Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Medicine, National Academies; Mikati Foundation Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Medicine, Columbia University


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