Magdalena Found Tesla — With Stana Katic!

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Stana Katic loves Tesla!  Thanks to Magdalena for “Finding Tesla” in Stana’s Tweets and Posts!

Stana Katic (seen above) is star of the TV sho Castle. and was recently spotted by Tesla fan, Magdalena, Tweeting about Nikola Tesla and posting him to her Facebook page. She Tweeted a picture of the Tesla statue at Niagara Falls where she fondly refers to him as “the real dude.”

Stana also Tweets a picture of herself sporting a Tesla Hoodie and encourages her fans to Google him because it’s “#worthit.”  She also posts a link on Facebook on where you can buy a Tesla T from the designer, Brigid Ashwood.

Stana even posts about Tesla in Portuguese!

Thanks to Stana for sharing the word on Tesla in multiple languages and to Magdalena for sharing where she Found Tesla!!

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