Tesla’s Vision of Wireless Power Coming to Life in 2015

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“In 1891, renowned inventor and futurist Nikola Tesla became the first person to introduce inductive charging when he successfully demonstrated the wireless transfer of energy. However, it took over a century for this technology to find its way into mainstream consumer use …

In January of this year, the PMA and A4WP announced that they would join forces to offer even better wireless charging features for a variety of devices. This means that very soon, integrated restaurants, airports, public spaces, vehicles and living spaces of all descriptions will finally free consumers from the burden of having to remember to carry their power cords. They will soon be able to move about freely without the worry of running out of battery power, or taking up unnecessary real estate in their bags.” — Seho Park, “Wireless Smartphone Charging as an Industry Standard,” Samsung Tomorrow

We are getting closer to a wireless power supply as 2 standards bodies unite to agree on standards that will see us being able charge our cell phones without cables in many public locations.  Read this article from Samsung Tomorrow !!

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