Harvesting Radio Waves To Power Your iPhone

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Nikola Labs has launched a new iPhone case to power your mobile device wirelessly. Inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla and Heinrich Hertz, the cell phone case converts the wasted energy from radio waves transmitted by your mobile device to useful DC power.

The case design uses a proprietary RF to DC rectifier circuit and antenna to harvest the RF energy and enable wireless charging of low-power devices. The case will be able to extended the battery life of the mobile device by 30% and promote the benefits of green technology.

Nikola Labs is a team of six people including Dr. Chi-Chih Chen and Dr. Robert Lee from The Ohio State University whom developed the technology found in the iPhone case. Nikola Labs hopes to utilize the wireless charging technology in more devices such as low consumption sensors, power tools, and medical devices to realize Nikola Tesla’s vision of wireless energy.

For more information on Nikola Labs and their wireless charging iPhone case visit the link for their Disrupt NY 2015 presentation: http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/04/nikola-labs-launches-iphone-6-case-which-harvests-electricity-from-the-air/

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