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Madgalena found her favourite actress of Castle, Stana Katic posted on her Twitter and Facebook about Nikola Tesla

the real dude

Twitter – Tesla Hoodie , Facebook – Hoddie

Katic – answers Question re Tesla – in  Portuguese

  Vic found that Novak Djokovic, is a fan of Nikola Teala The Big Interview 

“I’m reading a big book at the moment about Nikola Tesla — one of the great inventors of electricity 100 years ago. Nikola Tesla motivates me to start, because he was such a person with brilliant mind, perhaps the world has ever seen. Based on the fact that what he was doing, and about which I’ve read a lot and learned about him, it is not difficult to conclude that he was one of a genius that a country can ever have. Certainly one of the most important people in the history of civilization.

The Times – Tennis

Of the assorted books on his bedside table, Novak Djokovic is at present engrossed in Tesla: Portrait Among The Masks, the story of the life of Nikola Tesla — “the biggest man from our country next to our saints”. Tesla invented alternating current and his work in the science of electromagnetism helped to change our lives every bit as profoundly as other late 19th and early 20th-century pioneers, such as Marconi and Edison. “He had a mind that was our of this world and I have become fascinated by him.”

Djokovic Djokovic (Nole) provided a lesson to Chinese children on Nikola Tesla.   “Nole, in fact, does not hide that Tesla is his model, inspiration and great motivation in life.”  Read the article in Serbian in Novosti.

Jelica found in the Globe & Mail an article on Belgrade and the Tesla Museum.

 Nikola Tesla has always been a backroom genius, a scientist’s scientist, a nerd’s nerd. But things are looking up for the Serbian inventor, who died in 1943. It started in 2006, when then up-and-coming filmmaker Christopher Nolan wrote Tesla into The Prestige, and cast David Bowie to play the perfector of radio waves, alternating current, remote control and radar. In 2012, cartoonist Matthew Inman explained “why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived” in one of his popular The Oatmeal online comics. By July, 2014, when the entrepreneur behind the Tesla electric car, Elon Musk, announced he would donate a million dollars to help save Tesla’s old lab in New Jersey, the little-known inventor was almost a houshold name, despite most people still not being clear on who the guy was.

…the Nikola Tesla Museum already exists, in Belgrade. It contains nearly everything he wrote or owned and, its curator told me,…

 Jovan & Ilijana found the Tesla star in Opatia Croatia

Mile’s recent trip – “The highlight for me was seeing what is pictured in the attached, at the Griffin Observatory…”

Have you traveled to Belgrade, thousands do it every day exceeding 4 million passengers in 21014. The Nikola Tesla Airport, situated close to Belgrade, Serbia’s capital was renamed after Nikola Tesla in 2006.

John Y.  found Tesla in “The Librarians”  season 1 episode #9-  introduce Nikola Tesla and a town called Wandenclyffe Falls.  Even though there episode is a fictional depiction, there are elements of the story that are non-fiction.  Nikola Tesla is mentioned at the 20th minute in the following YouTube link

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SEwKC3_AlQ Titled “The Librarians And the City of Light”