Details for the upcoming Tesla Electrical Festival

(TEF) 2018 – to be added soon

Below are historical details about the 2017 Festival

FREE admission to the 2nd Annual Tesla Electric Festival (TEF) 2017

 Sponsored by NTEC

Everyone is invited to a fun filled day of music, food, exhibits, and an opportunity to see the latest Electric Vehicles.

This event is meant to educate the visitors about Nikola Tesla, and the incredible history made possible, thanks to Nikola Tesla and the 5 Johns.  Guests are encouraged to attend the festival and learn the  incredible history about the city of Hamilton, “The Electric City”.  Yes that is correct, it predates  “The Steel City.”  Hamilton deserves this title because it was the 1st major city in Canada to have hydro.



The setting will be the same as that of the 2016 -TEF, with the exception that it will be twice the size.  Come an enjoy a walk along the Waterfront Trail, and learn about the future Public Art that will be dedicated to “Hamilton, The Electric City, Nikola Tesla & the 5 Johns.”

Have your picture taken with one of the vehicle that pay respect to Nikola Tesla, by having his last name.  Lots to do, and best of all, the best price possible.  FREE  Admission courtesy of Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation.tesla1

List of Participating Vendors and Exhibitors

Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation – Officials will be explaining:

  • the story how the City of Hamilton became to be known as the the Electric City and how the 5 Johns accomplished this using Nikola Tesla Patents.
  • Awards and scholarship available
  • efforts to name a new School
  • 2018 will be the 120 anniversary of Hamilton the electric city & the DeCew power generating station that the 5 Johns built.


Cars Auto Collision

  • Learn about the business and what they have to offer you for your vehicle.


Golden Horseshoe  Electric Vehicle Association – HGEVA Golden Horseshoe Electric Vehicle Association (GHEVA) 10th...

Members will be present to show off there Electric Vehicle.  Public will have opportunity to talk to owners of these modern vehicles to get insight about owning one of  these Electric Vehicle.Facebook Page TwitterLinkedIn and Google+ Facebook Discussion Group




Dirty South



Super Ice cream Express


Pappas Greek Slide11


Curb Side Events



 Husky Gas


Hyper Vibe




Inventors CircleSlide4




Health HarmoniesSlide2


Smart Wheel Canada


Dave Boyle with a Tesla Coil




Cars Auto Collision

Prestige & Cellgevity

National Academy

Hamilton Rotary

Cow Girl Up with Green


Special Guests:

Dr. Majda Djordjevic   from  Guest Speaker on Nikola Tesla.

calgary -Tesla -Society











Ibrahim, Ahmed

P18-P - Ahmed

Winner of following Awards at the 2017 Bay Area Science & Engineering Fair:

Nikola Tesla Innovation Award – Gold
The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Innovation Award – First
American Psychological Association Award
McMaster University Faculties of Science and Engineering Entrance Awards
Professional Engineers of Ontario-Hamilton/Burlington Chapter Award – First
Rotary Club of Hamilton-East Wentworth Award – First
BASEF – Bronze Merit Award


Wolfe, Michael


Winner of following Awards at the 2017 Bay Area Science & Engineering Fair:

Nikola Tesla Innovation Award – Silver

IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers) Hamilton Section Award

Ricoh Americas Corporation Award

McMaster University Faculties of Science and Engineering Entrance Awards

McMaster University Faculties of Science and Engineering Entrance Awards

Mohawk College Building & Construction Sciences Awards – Transportation Engineering

Mohawk College Electrotechnology – Electrical Engineering Award

Professional Engineers of Ontario – Oakville Chapter Engineering Award – Intermediate

BASEF – Gold Merit Award











More details are coming on the Vendors and Participants.  Please check back  to learn more.

Music and Entertainment  Lineup, Sponsored by:

Slide1 |  | 647.580.5987

The following musicians will be performing as the Tesla Electric Festival.

Morad Saad Guzman


Morad Saad Guzman, Creative Director for Golden Boy Music has 10+ years experience as a drummer, percussionist and performing artist. Morad is also a self-taught singer, guitarist and full-time TTC Subway Musician featured on Breakfast Television, CBC News, Toronto Star and Rogers TV.  He has performed in several rock, Latin and alternative bands, theatre groups and performing arts ensembles across the GTA. Playing djembe and cajon as his main instruments, he facilitates drum circles and workshops for schools, festivals and corporate events.






Normando Jones – Lead Facilitator for Universal Drum Circle


This universal drum circle is one of a kind, open to all ages and all levels from no experience to advance level. Bring your drums and percussion instruments to fun filled event. Bring your drums and other instruments. 10 Drums are available on a first come first serve basis.

NORMANDO JONES is dedicated to music, entertainment and education in a wide range of musical communities.The love of music and the wonderful benefits it provides is what propels Normando. His never ending ambition to bring new and old ideas together to create a musical experience is second to none. Music is the center of life. From a young age we all identify our experiences with a particular song or piece of music. That translates into the need to have the appropriate music to help create a special moment.



Adam Solomon



This Juno award winner is a master guitarist and composer. He sings in English, Swahili, and Mijikenda (the Nine Tribes from Mombasa on the Kenyan coast). “The Professor”, as he is known in musical circles, is highly respected as a lead guitarist and vocalist. He creates a unique sound that combines traditional acoustic African blues and jazz, spiced with traditional coastal East African rhythms. Adam’s guitar method mirrors the sound of the ancient goatskin stringed instruments of the Mijikenda such as the Bunguu.







Vinizio Diaz



International music, music of our ancestors.


Bio to come








Kevin Cato

newKevin Cato is an accomplished musician who has been making his mark in the Toronto music scene for over 16 years. Kevin is a versatile saxophonist with a number of accolades including a 2008 GMA nomination and the Elm-Bedford prize for up-and-coming jazz musician. Kevin holds an Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University and has worked with some of the best musicians the city has to offer. Kevin has shared the stage with artists like Mary J. Blige, Men Without Hats and Guido Basso to name a few.

Kevin’s latest self titled project, Cato, is heavily influenced by Kevin’s background in jazz and new age music. Cato’s music is geared towards uplifting audiences with positive motivational content. Prepare yourself to be captivated by a musical force like none other.

Cato is gearing up for a summer 2017 digital release of their debut self titled album. Listeners can expect to be enchanted through instrumentals, vocals and poetry. Cato is the embodiment of Kevin’s experiences and will explore the unique implementation of the saxophone as a texture rather than a lead instrument. Cato is the beginning of what will eventually become a collective of four artists working together to market, produce and perform music. Kevin’s work has been aired on Jazz FM, CIUT, and CBC Radio. Kevin’s world is music, 24/7.







  • by providing new rug for the musical performance are 240 sq feet.
  • posting notice in store and sharing flyers with their customers.

metroland media- logo

Publishing an article on the Tesla Electric Festival in the Stoney Creek News on June 28, 2017


AM900-CHMLScott Thompson Show


home depot


350 Centennial Pkwy N, Hamilton, ON L8E 2X4






logo Hamilton


Public Art Project sign for the project, Hamilton the Electric City, Nikola Tesla and the 5 Johns.





Tesla Electric Festival Contact :

Peaches Cardenas

Event Producer
Tesla Electric Festival 2017


visit NTEC Facebook page to view pictures from TEF – 2016

Learn about Nikola Tesla by visiting the following link

Today even Disney Research has named Nikola Tesla as their “inspiration.”

Disney Researchers Make Wireless Power Transfer Breakthrough –

Disney is Chasing After Nikola Tesla’s Dream


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