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2nd Annual Tesla Electric Festival (TEF) 2017  is presented by NTEC,  with FREE admission.  The public are welcome to a fun filled day of music, food, exhibits, and an opportunity to see the latest Electric Vehicles.

This event is meant to educate the visitors about Nikola Tesla, and the incredible history made possible, thanks to Nikola Tesla and the 5 Johns.  Guest are encouraged to attend the festival and learn the TRUE and incredible history about the city of Hamilton, “The Electric City”.  Yes that is correct, it predates  “The Steel City.”  It receive the title because it was the 1st major city in Canada to have hydro.




The setting will be the same as that of the 2016 -TEF, with the exception that it will be twice the size.  Come an enjoy a walk along the Waterfront Trail, and learn about the future Public Art that will be dedicated to “Hamilton, The Electric City, Nikola Tesla & the 5 Johns.”

Have your picture taken with one of the vehicle that pay respect to Nikola Tesla, by having his last name.  Lots to do, and best of all, the best price possible.  FREE  Admission courtesy of Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation.


visit NTEC Facebook page to view pictures from TEF – 2016

Learn about Nikola Tesla by visiting the following link

Today even Disney Research has named Nikola Tesla as their “inspiration.”

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