Tesla School

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Hamilton-Wenthworth District School Board is in the process to name the New North Secondary School located at 1055 King St E. Hamilton.


Discussions with Chair – Trustee Todd White has confirmed that the Trustees will return to the Name Selection in September 2018.  Date has not been set.

Bernie Custis supporters are already calling the trustees.  Per Trustee White – it is important that Nikola Tesla supporters contact their respective Trustee to express support for Nikola Tesla.  Below is the ward map and the contact information for the HWDSB Trustees

HWDSB- Trustees



UPDATE – JUNE 30, 2018

Name consultation with student at the schools has been completed.

UPDATE – JUNE 11, 2018

The HWDSB Trustees narrowly rejected the name selection’s committee suggested name of Shannon Koostahin by a vote of 6-5.  The Trustees then opted for further consultation with the students at the two affected schools and brought back 3 other names.  Names left for the current process are

  1. Shannon Koostachin
  2. Trilium
  3. Bernie Cutis
  4. Scott Park
  5. Nikola Tesla

See media coverage on the opinions:

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UPDATE May 14, 2018

Concerns about the procedures and the fact that the complete package has been withheld from both the School Naming Committee and the Trustees have been discussed with the Chair of the Trustees, Todd White. As a result of this the binders have now been released, 6 weeks after the fact.  The School naming Committee completed their work without the benefit of the package that was provide for them.

Update – May 9, 2018

The Name Selection Committee has met and selected 3 names for the school name.  This will be submitted to the Trustees as the committee recommendation.


Update March 29, 2018



NTEC has submitted an extensive package that contain over 11,700 petition signatures of which over 4900 are from the city of Hamilton.  The package also included letters of support from educators including Dr. I Puri, Dean of Engineering, McMaster University DrPuri-12S

Ingred Musnon, Co-Chair, Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair