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Although in the initial short listing for this school name, Nikola Tesla was not listed.  The list however failed to obtain the necessary support.  teh process now continues and Nikola Tesla has a second opportunity.

Kipling Collegiate Institute will be keeping its name – at least until the fall.

In a letter sent home with KCI students on Friday, May 11, the Toronto District School Board’s superintendent of education explained that the results of a recent name change vote failed to reveal a clear winner, so the school board has temporarily suspended the process.

“The outcome of that vote was a very close result, with no clear selection emerging as a majority choice,” Angela Nardi-Addesa said of the vote, in which only 60 per cent of eligible staff and students voted on one of three potential new names – Leonard Braithwaite, Adrienne Clarkson or Michaëlle Jean.

read full article at https://www.toronto.com/news-story/8608539-kipling-collegiate-name-change-on-hold-until-fall-after-close-vote/


Outcome _Hamilton Wentworth District School Board


Hamilton School name result – The HWDSB Trustees were split by the name proposals. Tesla had a strong showing, but in the end local sports popularity came out ahead.

At the end end, the trustees decided to go with Bernie Custis. The first black quarterback in professional football, who overcame great obstacles for his time. The Trustee that put the motion forward that was approved, spoke of his adopted brother who was black and Custis was an inspiration to him. They recognized that Bernie had a longstanding connection to Hamilton and that he was an educator.

Nikola Tesla was strongly supported by one of the trustees. Trustee Ray Mulholland, Ward 4, clearly got it. He pointed out that if the school was two block away, it would be called Delta. He recognized the students, who spoke in June (Michael Wolfe & Jovan Popovic). They were inspired about technology. He recognized that inspiring and technology are the key. Unfortunately, his position did not receive sufficient support to defeat the motion on the floor.

Trustees who voted for motion in support of Bernie Custis name were;

  1. Greg Van Geffen Ward 13 & 14
  2. Dawn Danko, Ward 7
  3. Todd White Ward 5
  4. Jeff Beattie Ward 9 & 10
  5. Kathy Archer Ward 6
  6. Wes Hicks, Ward 8
  7. Alex Johnstone Ward 11 & 12

Total of 11 Trustee on the board.  You have the power to decide if they made the right decision for the future of the students.

One door closed but new doors are opening. Nikola Tesla received the endorsement from the Deans of Engineering at both Mohawk College and McMaster University. Thank you to Mr. David Santi and Dr. Ishwar Puri for your support before the HWDSB Trustees.

HWDSB- Trustees



UPDATE – JUNE 30, 2018

Name consultation with student at the schools has been completed.

UPDATE – JUNE 11, 2018

The HWDSB Trustees narrowly rejected the name selection’s committee suggested name of Shannon Koostahin by a vote of 6-5.  The Trustees then opted for further consultation with the students at the two affected schools and brought back 3 other names.  Names left for the current process are

  1. Shannon Koostachin
  2. Trilium
  3. Bernie Cutis
  4. Scott Park
  5. Nikola Tesla

See media coverage on the opinions:

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  2. https://www.thespec.com/opinion-story/8689502-the-spectator-s-view-local-should-get-preference-in-facility-naming/
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UPDATE May 14, 2018

Concerns about the procedures and the fact that the complete package has been withheld from both the School Naming Committee and the Trustees have been discussed with the Chair of the Trustees, Todd White. As a result of this the binders have now been released, 6 weeks after the fact.  The School naming Committee completed their work without the benefit of the package that was provide for them.

Update – May 9, 2018

The Name Selection Committee has met and selected 3 names for the school name.  This will be submitted to the Trustees as the committee recommendation.


Update March 29, 2018



NTEC has submitted an extensive package that contain over 11,700 petition signatures of which over 4900 are from the city of Hamilton.  The package also included letters of support from educators including Dr. I Puri, Dean of Engineering, McMaster University DrPuri-12S

Ingred Musnon, Co-Chair, Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair