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Current Initiatives Supported by Your Donations

The Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation will now focus on other Tesla awareness and education related projects:

  1. Initiation of Nikola Tesla Scholarship and Awards.  The scholarship will be offered at McMaster University and Mohawk College to students who pursue studies relating directly to the work of Tesla.  More scholarship details will follow as we work out the details with the institutions.
  2.  High school renaming
  3. Paper writing
  4. Curriculum prep

 Thank You for Helping to Put Tesla on the Map!
 The “Nikola Tesla Boulevard” opened on July 10, 2016

Now each day 250,000 travelers will pass under the Nikola Tesla Boulevard signs, only 50 kilometers away from where he built his first AC Power generating station over a century ago.  The first  7 sign have been  erected along Burlington Street and on on ramps on Woodwards Ave.   The QEW signs will be installed soon.  The legal agreement with MTO has been finalized and they will follow due process in order to minimize NTEC costs.  Thank you to the City of Hamilton for recognizing  Tesla's significant contribution to its history as the Electric City and the 1st major city to have AC electricity in Canada . See pics and videos of the opening of the Tesla Boulevard and festivities.

 Give Nikola Tesla the recognition that he deserves.
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