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Thank you for your support. This is the Power of Tesla.  Your donation will be applied in the delivery of NTEC’s mission,

primarily to “Put Tesla on the Map.”   Please visit our website or follow us on social media to see how we are progressing. 

Nikola Tesla Educational is a Registered Charity in Canada.

A formal Charity receipt for all donations that have a Canadian address and where the donation amount is $20 or more will

be sent to the email on record.   For donors that are not covered the by the policy, who would like to receive a Charity receipt,

please contact us at and provide us your donation details. 

The Tesla Electric Festival ribbon cutting ceremony and parade on Nikola Tesla Boulevard was July 10, 2016, Nikola Telsa’s 160th Birthday. 

The parade and the festival on the beach at Hamilton's waterfront in Confederation Park was a success.



Veroslav Djurdjevic, BA, CPA, CMA


Nikola Tesla Educational