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The Nikola Tesla Educational Corp. (NTEC)

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, NTEC is a Not For Profit charity  -  815431374 RR0001   NTEC’s mission is to promote Nikola Tesla as an inspiration to students of all  ages.  Most of our efforts are dedicated to support primary, high school and university students. NTEC operates by awarding Nikola Tesla Awards to schools,  and science fairs, and an annual $10,000.00 Nikola Tesla Scholarship at McMaster University.

Progress to name new school after Nikola Tesla


The HWDSB trustees will be meeting on June 11, 2018, to consider the recommendation from the Name Selection Committee established to evaluate the submission.  NTEC's submission is by far the most comprehensive  of any of the name suggestions.  As part of the package a number of important and key letters of support were received.  

Two delegations will be speaking one for the NTEC  Directors,  backed by the 11,700 petition signatures and letters of support such as the one from Maria Pearson, Ward 10 Councilor, city of Hamilton. The second delegation, will be made up of 2 students, who will explain the importance of Nikola Tesla as an inspiration from a students perspective.  



Tesla Electic City Festival - 2018 

A new location with so much more to offer.  Join the festivities.  FREE Admission   click tab on top of page for more details.

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Nikola Tesla & Hamilton as the Electric City in 1898

Nikola Tesla was an inventor, an engineer, a humanitarian, and a visionary. He worked on, and contributed to some of the most paramount feats in human history including: AC induction motors, X-ray imaging, radio communication, remote control, and phosphorescent lighting. His most notable work was that in the design of alternating current (AC) electricity supply systems. Nikola Tesla's AC generating system was utilized at the Niagara Falls and eventually extended to Hamilton, Ontario. Researches continue to find new   Tesla's Patents around the world. The number has grown over the years as new ones are discovered, currently over 300 have been identified. Over the past decade, Tesla has been discovered and inspired a lot of new products. One of the best known is the Electric Vehicles (EV) that are powered by Nikola Tesla's AC induction motor. Tesla has started to gain recognition for the contribution he has made to society. In Canada, the City of Hamilton has discovered its own past, and the impact that Tesla's technology played in its development. Hamilton has renamed one of its main arteries to Nikola Tesla Boulevard. An iconic roadway which leads into the industrial heart of the City. The sector that gained the most from the arrival of Electricity to the City in 1898.

The city of Hamilton was the 1st major city in Canada to receive AC electrical power which was received from Decew Falls, Generating Station No. 1. Built in 1898, DeCew Falls 1 is the oldest continuously running hydroelectric power generating station in Canada. The station was build by the “Five Johns” of Hamilton (Dickenson, Gibson, Moodie, Patterson, and Sutherland). The Cataract Power Company, assembled the hydro-electric generating plant  35 miles from Hamilton in 1898. Electricity flowed to the city for the first time on August 25, 1898.


Nikola Tesla Boulevard 

On July 10, 2016, would have been Nikola Tesla's 160th birthday.  The City of Hamilton recognized Nikola Tesla's contribution the the city by renaming a major roadway Nikola Tesla Blvd.  The official ribbon cutting took place at the west end of the newly renamed Nikola Tesla Blvd.

ntecBest13641281_1247128385310802_2647304911119180225_oRibont to be cut

On October 23 & 24, 2016,  the signs along the QEW were replaced, completing the name change.  Over 250,000 travelers pass under these signs daily, on heading to Toronto or Niagara Falls.  20161023_old&new qew&20






120th Anniversary of Hamilton as the Electric City

NTEC is working with the City of Hamilton and the Ontario Power Generation to celebrate the 120th Anniversary of Hamilton as the Electric City. Hamilton was the 1st major city to have AC electricity. The 5 Johns of Hamilton consulted with and received Nikola Tesla's approval for their plan by August of 1896. This was even before electricity started flowing form Niagara Falls NY in November of 1896.

Nikola Tesla Scholarship - Awarded  - $10,000.00

McMaster University awards 1st Nikola Tesla Scholarship to Malcolm Hadgins.  The scholarship valued at $10,000.00 is paid out over 3 years.  Congratulation to Malcolm.  McMaster winner Vic @ Mcmaster Award

Congratulation to Michael Wolfe, BASEF 2018 Gold Medal Winner of the Nikola Tesla Innovation Award


Michael represented BASEF and Canada at ISEF (INternational Science and Engineering Fair).  Contratualtion to Michael as he finished 4th in Category.  ENGINEERING MECHANICS  

ENMC054 — EVERSE: Electric Vehicle Energy Recovery and Safety Enhancement

  • Michael Wolfe, King's Christian Collegiate, Ontario, Canada

Congratulation to ALL Nikola Tesla Award Winners

  • One Nikola Tesla Scholarship ( McMaster University)
  • Ten Nikola Tesla Innovation awards - BASEF
  • 60 Honourable mention Nikola Tesla Awards - BASEF
  • 54 Nikola Tesla Awards to grade 8 graduates in the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board.
  • Class of 2018 -  potential 60 more HWDSB awards to be presented 

NTEC winning group 2017-crop

NTEC Objectives

Education: To advance education by conducting research, creating educational materials and curriculum on topics relating to Nikola Tesla.   To distribute these materials to elementary and secondary schools.

Grant Awards and  Scholarships: To advance education by issuing   awards and scholarships to elementary, secondary and post-secondary school students who demonstrate academic excellence and interest in topics related to scientific fields and/or other areas relating to Nikola Tesla and his works.

Public Art Project: To provide a public amenity to a municipal, provincial or federal government in Canada by erecting and maintaining a statue of Nikola Tesla.  The City of Hamilton has approved the project "Hamilton, the Electric City, Nikola Tesla and the Five Johns."  The project will be build along the Waterfront Trail between Lakeland Pool and Huth's on the Beach.  The City of Hamilton will match donation collected by Nikola Tesla Education, each worth $100,000.00  for a total project value of $200,000.00  

About Us

Our organization was incorporated in April 2014. On May 15, 2014 our organization held its inaugural meeting where we adopted a set of bylaws, a mission statement and appointed our first board of directors and officers. As of April 17, 2015 the Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation is a Canadian Registered Charity in support of schools and education. Our organization has been working hard to increase the members, and to promote both our organization and Nikola Tesla. We welcome anyone who shares our vision and wants to contribute both financially and with your time to make our vision a reality.


Nikola Tesla has a direct link to Hamilton's Power 

 In 1896, the Five Johns consulted and received Nikola Tesla Approval for their plan to build a hydroelectric power generation station at Decew Falls and to send power to Hamilton.  Tesla reviewed the plants, and gave his approval.  Two years later, power arrived in Hamilton on August 25, 1898. 

Tesla consulted for Decew


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Nikola Tesla Blvd – Update

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