Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation (NTEC) is a not-for profit corporation, that is a Registered Charity in accordance with the Income Tax Act of Canada.

We have successfully raised the necessary fund to rename a major roadway in Hamilton, Ontario Canada to Nikola Tesla Blvd.  Now daily a quarter of a million travelers see the name as they drive on one of Canada’s busiest highways.  Thousands more hear the name as part of traffic reports daily.

August 26, 2018, was marked with our largest Festival to date.  This was a celebration of the 120th Anniversary of the arrival of Hydro to Hamilton.   This achievement defined both the city of Hamilton and Canada as a progressive society.  One that has the power to produce and improve the standard of living for its residents.

Even with our accomplishments, we have much more to achieve.  The City of Hamilton as part of the Public Art master Plan 2016-2023, has approve a public art project that will feature Nikola Tesla.  The title of the project is ‘Hamilton the Electric City, Nikola Tesla and the 5 Johns.’  This will be a major project.  The location has been selected, which is ideally located by a busy waterfront trail right adjacent to the Nikola Tesla Blvd exit off the Queen Elizabeth Way.

3rd annual Tesla Electric City Gala  was held on Sunday October 7th, 2018

GALA & Donation have raised $25,000 for the Public Art Project.

Thanks to all of NTEC supporters who joined us at the Gala. Thanks to those supporters who were unable to join us but instead sent in a Donations.
Special thanks to the volunteers, Directors & Boemi Band and  with special guests: BORIS ĆOSIĆ & VANILA, and ŽELJKO VASIĆ, singer from Serbia!
Good friends and  family had a fun-filled evening with great food and danced the night away.
Bob Bratina, Fred Eisenberger, Councillor Maria Pearson Consul General of Serbia Mr.Vasilije Petković were able to join us for the event and addressed the guests on the importance and significance of Tesla’s contribution to the City of Hamilton and by extension to Canada.
Guest also learned the specific of NTEC next major project
THE PUBLIC ART PROJECT TITLED: “Hamilton the Electric City, Nikola Tesla and the 5 Johns”
NTEC is now raising $100,000 towards this project . This time, NTEC has received the approval for the project form the City of Hamilton. The City will match NTEC fundraising dollar for dollar with total value of $100,000.00. Guest at the Gala opened their wallets in support of this great initiative, that will help to place Tesla In Hamilton’s history
The Gala opened the fundraising campaign. we will provide details shortly about the total funds raised at the Gala, but WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE. Donations can be made by clicking the Donation Tab at the top on the right.
Gala Guest heard from:
  • Bob Bratina, Member of Parliament, Federal, East Hamilton-Stoney Creek and the former Mayor of Hamilton
  • Fred Eisenberger, Mayor of Hamilton
  • Councillor Maria Pearson, Ward 10 Stoney Creek
  • Consul General of Serbia Mr.Vasilije Petković
  • Mile Popovic, Vice President NTEC
  • Vic Djurdjevic, President NTEC
 The speakers addressed the guests on the importance and significance of Tesla’s contribution to the City of Hamilton and by extension to Canada.
Tesla Jr.
A new division was announced at the Gala.  Jovan Popovic, addressed the guest to present his vision for the formation a teen age group that will work to spread the word about Tesla.  They will work:
to organize student volunteer for Tesla Events
attend schools to present school awards
act as a resource for students wanting to learn more about Tesla
Jovan’s proposal was both welcomed and supported by the Board of Directors of NTEC.
 September 2018 – 2st Nikola Tesla Scholarship awarded, to Samuel Cymbaluk – from Hamilton

Samuel addressed the Gala and explained the process that he went through to receive the scholarship.  This is one of the most valued scholarships at McMaster University.  At first he did not believe that his filed of studies qualified for the scholarship.  Upon researching Nikola Tesla work, he discovered that Computer that his field of computer science is based on Nikola Tesla work and in fact Tesla was the first to use and demonstrate the binary code when he demonstrated the remote controlled boat.     Samuel’s scholarship is worth $10,000 in total and is paid out over 3 years.   We at NTEK are proud to support the future inventors and those that will build on and expand Nikola Tesla technology.  Congratulations Samuel.


Proceed from GALA support PUBLIC ART PROJECT – titled “Hamilton the Electric city, Nikola Tesla and the 5 Johns”

All proceed from the Gala will go to support the Public Art Project.  Just imagine, sitting on a bench next to the Public Art that helps visitors to understand, Nikola Tesla role in the industrialization of Hamilton, and how his inventions defined both Hamilton and Canada.


Above example of a Public Art Project in Stoney Creek at King St & Jones Rd.

We have a great  opportunity to entrench Nikola Tesla in the History of Hamilton, by way of the Nikola Tesla inspired Public Art Project with the city of Hamilton and NTEC funding the project on a 50/50 basis.


Educating our students

NTEC president regularly attend school to make presentation to students.  One of the student favorite elements is the Tesla Coil demonstration.  Students are hooked on Tesla when they hold a florescent light in their hand and see it light up with no wires.  It is magical.  A demonstration similar to Nikola Tesla own demonstration in 1891.

Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil 1 Tesla Coil 2

Courtesy of the Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation

 Michael Wolfe


Winner of the following 4 Nikola Tesla Awards the 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018  Bay Area Science & Engineering Fair.  In addition Michael has won countless other Awards, both at BASEF and now at the Intel International Science Fair.

  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers) Hamilton Section Award
  • Ricoh Americas Corporation Award
  • McMaster University Faculties of Science and Engineering Entrance Awards
  • Mohawk College Building & Construction Sciences Awards – Transportation Engineering
  • Mohawk College Electrotechnology – Electrical Engineering Award
  • Professional Engineers of Ontario – Oakville Chapter Engineering Award – Intermediate
  • BASEF – Gold Merit Award
  • 2018 2nd in Fair and the list goes on.

Michael was sponsored was selected at BASEF 2018 to represent BASEF and Canada at the  Intel International Science Fair.  There were 81 Countries represented.  Michael took 4th in the Mechanical Engineering.  Congratulations Micheal. Click link below to hear Michael talk about his project.

Michael Wolfe, 15 Freshman, King’s Christian College, Oakville, ON
“EVERSE: Electric Vehicle Energy Recovery and Safety Enhancement”

  • Fourth Place in Engineering Mechanics and $500
  • International Council on Systems Engineering – INCOSE Certificate of Honourable Mention











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