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Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation

Tesla is on the Map
NTEC is now moving forward with its key objective to  Educate and Inspire

Nikola Tesla Boulevard is a reality. 250,000 travelers  pass under the signs,  only 50 kilometers away from Niagara Falls, where he built his first AC Power generating station over a century ago.  In addition variable signs display Nikola Tesla, 10 kilometers away for thousands more to see his name even-though they do not pass by the exit.

Give Nikola Tesla the recognition that he deserves.  Donate to help NTEC educate and inspire even more people.  Donation received are dedicated to:

  1. Nikola Tesla school awards and scholarship,
  2. Public Art Project - titled "Hamilton the Electric City, Nikola Tesla and the 5 Johns."

Funds received from a Chapter community will be dedicated to that community.

NTEC is a  Canadian Charitable organization, and issue Canadian Tax Receipts for donations.