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Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation

Tesla is on the Map

Nikola Tesla Boulevard is a reality.   Now it is time to move forward with the next phase.

Give Nikola Tesla the recognition that he deserves.  Donate to help NTEC educate and inspire even more people.  Donation received are dedicated to:

  1. Public Art Project - titled "Hamilton the Electric City, Nikola Tesla and the 5 Johns,"
  2. Nikola Tesla school awards and scholarship.

NTEC is a  Canadian Charitable organization, and issue Canadian Tax Receipts for donations.

Our next event is the Tesla Electric City Gala  2018-gala

To purchase your ticket, simply enter as a donation the amount of the total for the tickets you wish to purchase.  Please forward an e-mail to with the details of the attendees and who the charity receipt is to be made out to.

If you have any question, please feel free to drop us an e-mail at or call at 905-541-3469. Tickets are also available though NTEc Directors, in Toronto, Bulington,  and Hamilton.