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The Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation Presents:


We Are "Putting" Tesla on the Map
Tesla's Birthday - July 10, 2016

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Parade
Burlington Street & East Parkdale Ave
Time: 12PM 

Join the celebrations at the Beach
Tesla Electric Festival
(220 Van Wagner Beach Rd) 

NTEC is pleased to announce that we have over $150,000 in pure donations.  Nikola Tesla Boulevard is a reality and we have received approvals from the city to produce the Nikola Tesla Blvd signs. 250,000 travelers will be passing under the signs only 50 kilometers away from Niagara Falls where he built his first AC Power generating station over a century ago.

The first sign is being erected over Burlington Street and Parkdale Ave and this is where our parade and ribbon cutting ceremony will take place on July 10th, 2016 at noon. The parade then moves to Hamilton's waterfront where we will hold The Tesla Electric Festival - a birthday party celebration of music, vendors, food and entertainment! It's free for all to attend.

For more information about The Tesla Electric Festival visit

Give Nikola Tesla the recognition that he deserves.  Donate to help us with the cost to hold these free events.

 If you have the ability and means, please give more and become a sponsor. Remember, we are a Canadian Charitable organization, and issue Canadian Tax Receipts.