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Tesla Gala 2020

Tesla Gala Weekend 2020 Featured The Tesla Electric City Gala on Saturday, where guest celebrated to the late hours to the sounds of Sofija Peric with accompanied by Sasa Peric

and the Boemi Band.

Guest on Sunday had a special treat to go on the Hydro Power Tour. The Tour featured four stops:

  1. The Cataract Power Building - The oldest building in ALL of CANADA to have AC Hydroelectric Power. An extremely rare look inside this historic building, where guest incredible elements dating back to 1898.

  2. Decew I Power Generating Station - The "Oldest" Hydro Electric Power Generating station in ALL of Canada, still in operation. 121 years old and still going strong. The Station that made history when it delivered power in 1898 to the 1st stop above.

  3. Rankine Hydro Electric Power Generating Station, inaugurated in 1905. it is the last of the first power generating station in Niagara Falls built between 1896 & 1906.

  4. Ended the weekend with a late lunch a top of the Skylon tower.

Reserve your tickets for next year's Gala:

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