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City Council Approves The Nikola Tesla Boulevard!

It is official! The Hamilton City Council has approved the plan to rename a portion of Burlington Street in Hamilton, Ontario to Nikola Tesla Boulevard on the condition that we (Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation) raise the necessary signage cost of approximately $140,000.

With that task at hand, we went out to the Tesla fans worldwide, asked for donations and surpassed that target. NTEC is very grateful for the support it has received worldwide for this initiative. We appreciate all donations and thank everybody for their contribution.

This is a major milestone not only for Nikola Tesla fans but for the City of Hamilton.

With this achievement we can inspire people, specifically the youth, to learn about Tesla’s contribution to society.

Our immediate goal is to promote the official ribbon cutting ceremony and unveiling of the sign on Tesla’s birthday, July 10, 2016 at 1PM on the newly to named Nikola Tesla Blvd.  This event features a parade complete with the Burlington Teen Tour  Marching Band, a Tesla Car motorcade, the Tesla Motorcycle Club, and much more.  After the event, the party moves to Hamilton’s waterfront at Confederation Park where the City of Hamilton has designated an area where we will hold a big outdoor birthday celebration titled  The Tesla Electric Festival.

The festival will feature live music, educational exhibits and demonstrations, Tesla related vendors of products and services, historical displays of his past inventions, food, and more. Come and experience the amazing healing powers of the Tesla Coil that was patented by Tesla over 100 years ago for use in electrotherapy. Try out the latest Tesla inspired heath craze  – ElectroYoga – where traditional yoga mats have been energized by Tesla Coils.

We want this historical event to be captured by the print, digital, radio and TV media and broadcast all over the world. Once again we ask for your help. We want to create radio commercials to advertise the event and we want you to be in these radio commercials.  Send us an MP3 audio or video recording of your voice and in 10 words or less tell us why you like Tesla!   Send in your donation of $100 or more and you will be in the commercial!

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