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The Tesla SI Unit

The Tesla (T) is an SI unit of magnetic flux density named after Nikola Tesla. Magnetic flux density is essential the strength of the magnetic field where 1 Tesla is an extremely large field. For perspective, the Earth’s magnetic field at  0° latitude, 0° longitude is 31.869 uT (micro Tesla).

Nikola Tesla discovered rotating magnetic fields in 1882 which lead to the invention of AC induction motors and the polyphase system for the generation and transmission of electricity. Nikola Tesla was honored with the International Unit in 1960 during the General Conference on Weights and Measures.

The strongest magnetic field in laboratories reached about 45 Tesla, and at 16 Tesla, scientists were able to levitate a frog. The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory is home to the 45 Tesla Hybrid where researches have been able to study some of the most incredible phenomena such as superconductivity and the quantum Hall effect.

To view more images of the 45 Tesla and past research papers visit The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory’s website and for more information about the unit Tesla visit the University of Calgary’s Energy Education website.

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